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Creative Director Claire Whalley completed a degree in Japanese and living in Japan, worked as a Japanese speaking journalist. Back in the UK, she worked for NHK's commerical arm MICO (Media International Corporation) and NHK Enterprises as a coproducer and then as a film maker for NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corp) for 6 years. As a consequence of this work in Japanese media and being a Japanese speaker, she has intimate knowledge of working and filming in Japan and working with the Japanese.

What Larks provides a comprehensive service for people filming in Japan. We can give advice on how to film in Japan, supply English speaking film crews in Japan: English speaking bilingual fixers, technicians, English speaking camera and sound operators and producers as well as research. What Larks also provides a service for Japanese broadcasters and production companies to facilitate filming in Europe. We are currently in production for NHK with a series of short films about the UK for the Japanese audience. Contact us for more information. 
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Peas in a Pod        
Peas in a Pod        
Commissioned by NHK
(Japan Broadcasting Corporation) Cosmedia
The World Pea Shooting Championships have been held in the village of Witcham, just outside Ely, for 39 years. Now hotshots arrive from all over the world in pursuit of the trophy.
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