In Development
YSL: The Man Who Dressed a Generation

With exclusive access to the YSL Foundation, this beautiful arts film will look at one of the most influential figures in fashion who dressed a generation, was a phenomenal artist both painting in paint and plants, but also challenged the social mores of his time and won - Yves Saint Laurent. A retrospective look at his life blended with the contemporary narrative of the foundation who are about to open new museums in Paris and Marrakesh.


An arts series which explores how Japan’s 7 Zen philosophical concepts have shaped a nation’s art and nation’s way of thinking both past and present. Through exquisite cinematography and interviews with experts in their field, the viewers will discover and learn about Japan, an ancient country that merges tradition with modern like no other.

Frida Kahlo

A biographical film about Mexican painter Frida Kahlo – exploring how an almost fatal accident, a troubled relationship with Mexican painter Diego Rivera and a torrid affair with non other than Leon Trotsky influenced one of the world’s most significant painters of the 20th Century.
  Martin Creed a public engagement arts piece

An observational arts film which follows Turner Prize winner, Martin Creed as he puts together one of the most ambitious and unusual arts pieces of his career.

The Atheist Vicar

Sanderson Jones sets out on a spiritual quest to become a vicar - the only problem is he's an atheist. The co-founder of Sunday Assembly, the world's largest network of non-religious congregations, is enrolling in the Alt.Divinity programme run by the Open Master's Community. We’ll follow Sanderson on this self-design Masters degree as he traverses the country in visiting various organization from groundbreaking community projects to modern day religious amalgamations, and also goes on a journey exploring the roots of his transcendental love of life through personal grief as a child.

The Real Hogwarts/ School for Spooks with Emma Kennedy and Lou Conran

Actor, writer and presenter Emma Kennedy teams up with her pal comedian and paranormal extraordinaire Lou Conran. Together they explore the reality of the paranormal world, busting common myths about the supernatural and the people who practice and experience it.

  Give up the Gang - A Toby Paton film

With exclusive access, this stylish film, authored by film maker Toby Paton, will use a drama-style aesthetic with music and imagery from the urban music scene to tell the story of gang crime in London from the point of view of the young men and women who are struggling to escape it.

Madly in Love - A film by Miriam Newmann

An unflinching, honest and at times heart breaking look at what it’s really like to love someone with a mental illness, told by from the inside of such a relationship.

Offline Dating with Stephen Bailey

Comedian and hopeless romantic Stephen Bailey is convinced we have lost the art of conversation - thus making it nigh on impossible to find ‘the one’ without the help of dating apps and websites. This series will see Stephen test out ‘Offline’ dating and see how easy it is to find true love.

Filmmakers and Directors What Larks is currently collaborating with:
Vicky Fiore

Vicky is a documentary director based in London and Barcelona. She has travelled widely shooting documentaries for commercial and personal films. She is currently developing her first feature documentary, and her most recent projects include a BFI-funded docu-drama on London’s housing crisis and a ballet film-noir featuring prima ballerina of the English National Ballet.
  Christian Cerami

Christian Cerami is an internationally award-winning filmmaker. His directorial debut Black Sheep — a short observational documentary — is a bleak and hard-hitting look at the current wave of Islamophobia sweeping Britain. Set in the North of England, it explores the dynamics of working-class youth culture: rising inequality and deeply inherent xenophobia. Black Sheep has been screened at film festivals the world over, and was recently shortlisted for a BAFTA and nominated for a Grierson Award.
  Louis Blair

Off the back of a strong interest in people and cultures abroad, Louis began creating factual content and shooting international news.

News coverage he shot of the Crimean annexation and civil war in Donetsk (Ukraine) was entered into the Emmy awards 2015 journalism category by SBT (Brazilian TV channel).

He is currently cutting two self funded documentaries and works as a freelance promo producer at Disney.

Jack and Eddie

JACK & EDDIE is a 30 minute comedy series with a Down’s syndrome lead – a sitcom first. Following his mum’s death, selfish, hedonistic twenty-something Jack discovers that he has a younger brother – Eddie, who has Down’s – he never knew about. This is a tale about growing up, the reality of being an adult and learning to compromise – an odd couple story with a twist.

Joe Parham:
Joe started out as a writer/performer with sketch act Kieran & the Joes (he was one of the Joes), doing three consecutive runs at the Edinburgh Festival before focussing on writing for TV. Joe has written sketches for shows such as SORRY I’VE GOT NO HEAD, THE IMPRESSIONS SHOW and FIT, as well as a full episode of THE MIDNIGHT BEAST series 2. He’s also a staff writer on Cartoon Network’s THE AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL. Most recently, he’s been part of the writers room for BBC Three’s SIBLINGS, writing full episodes as well as contributing to the full series.

A script for JACK & EDDIE has been commissioned for BBC3 Comedy Feeds 2015.


When Ben’s parents leave the country to build a school in Mozambique, he and two of his friends are forced to look after their shop. The show revolves around their efforts, lack of know-how and interactions with the people from the village who throw up unexpected and interesting stories.

Himesh Patel:
A new exciting writing talent, Himesh spent eight years in front of the camera on EastEnders and currently juggles stage and screen acting with writing for television. He was most recently seen in the role of Nitin in Channel 4’s dark comedy Damned.

Holly Lodge

Welcome to Holly Lodge: an absurd comedy series that brings humour to the mundanity of everyday life through amplified and focussed performances. A madcap, intense experience where the characters attempt (and fail time and time again) to get to grips with the minutia of life. Here, the audience is invited to witness an intense, uncomfortable and idiosyncratic worldview. Expect the unexpected. Based on the short film MILK! WATCH IT HERE

Toby Williams:
Toby Williams: Toby is an actor, writer and award-winning stand-up comedian. You can see him in the movies ‘High-Rise’ and ‘Paddington’. He has appeared in Raised By Wolves, Trying Again, The Agency and Benidorm. Toby was the winner of Best Show at the Leicester Comedy Festival 2011 and regularly performs stand-up in the top clubs around London and the UK. His act has been hailed, ‘as sick as Jim Jeffries with the vocabulary of Stephen Fry’.
  My Happy Vulva

In the basement of a woman-only sex shop, a weekly workshop takes place. A workshop that focusses solely on the female body. This is the story of the students, the teacher and the shop.

Fran Lea:
Fran is a TV and feature film director and writer who has made work for BBC, Channel 4 and ITV. ‘An original and daring director who dares to explore complex psychological relationships as well as bizarre comic situations.

"Such hutzpah is rare in today’s world of formulaic, genre-driven filmmaking"
Simon Beaufoy

This Way Out

This Way Out is a darkly comic series about the deluded manager and incompetent staff of an unorthodox and underperforming ‘end of life’ centre. The series is set in a parallel now when assisted-suicide has been licensed throughout the UK at ‘end of life’ centres. TWO charts one such centre: Rainbow’s End and its manager, Minnie, as she attempts to fulfil her deluded ambition to make Rainbow’s End the very best ‘end of life’ centre in the country.

Staten Cousins-Roe:
Staten’s short black comedy THIS WAY OUT, on which the series is based, has screened at over 30 festivals worldwide, was BAFTA Longlisted, screened on HBO Europe, AMC/Sundance Channel Global and won numerous international awards, including the Prix Decale (Offbeat Award) at the 30th Festival du Cinema European and Best Director at Colchester Film Festival. Staten trained at the NFTS on the Emerging Producers course.

Poker Night

A competitive group of deeply selfish people find their suburban poker game turning far darker and more dangerous – testing their values and capabilities - to a surreal extreme. Pulp Fiction comes to Potters Bar.

Dan Zeff:
Writer Dan Zeff is a multiple BAFTA-winning director and writer. Recent work includes episodes of INSIDE No.9, SIBLINGS, and ADOLF: THE ARTIST, starring Iwan Rheon and Rupert Grint. Past comedy includes the opening series of PRAMFACE, THE WORST WEEK OF MY LIFE and the first two series of IDEAL. Dan has also written the opening episode of Series 3 of PRAMFACE. Dylan Edwards is an actor and filmmaker. Since graduating from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, he has carved out a successful career appearing in shows such as Game of Thrones, Pramface, Wasted and The Job Lot, and films such as Svengali and High-Rise
  Online shorts

What Larks! are currently also developing a number of scripted and unscripted short-form comedy programmes for the online community. Stay tuned for more updates!