In Development
I’ve Been to the Mountaintop – The Last Days of Martin Luther King

April 4, 1968, will forever go down as one of the darkest days in American history, when the Civil Rights icon Martin Luther King was assassinated on a balcony in Memphis. 50 years on, with a deeply prophetic tone, this poetic film, set to the words of his speech, will examine in forensic detail the tumultuous events surrounding the murder, which led to the worst case of national unrest since the American Civil War.

David Baddiel Speaks Freely

In this hour-long documentary, David Baddiel investigates the idea of Free Speech, that many perceive to be under threat. With the creation of Fake News and ‘safe spaces’, David explores whether or not the United Kingdom is currently descending into a future of censorship.

Christmas Through the Ages by Paul Kerensa

In this exciting presenter led format, we present you a never-before-seen factual-entertainment whizz through Christmas. From their festive set, our presenters will introduce twelve special Christmas moments – from George V’s first Christmas message to Silent Night in the Trenches; Henry VIII’s Christmas dinner to the original Saint Nick, travelling scene by scene back to the very first nativity.
  Jo Brand’s Great British Weekends

Last year more than 28 million of us took a weekend break. More than 50 % of Brits are planning a weekend away at any given time. But where to go? What to do?

Enter Jo Brand and a whole host of brilliant and famous comedian friends! They’ll do the research for us and go on a series of weekend trips - discovering the delights, sights and downright strangeness of British holidaymaking on our behalf.

Big in Japan

In this highly enjoyable documentary we are going to “turn it up to eleven” Spinal Tap style and find out what it takes to become BIG IN JAPAN.

In this film we’ll explore the surprising, remarkable and often downright bizarre stories of four acts who have lived the myth of ‘Big in Japan’, interweaving their first-hand accounts of success with an exploration of the psychology of Japanese fandom. Did their egos explode? And where are they now? And what does this excessive fandom behaviour say about the Japanese?

My New British Kitchen

Combining the styles of More 4’s intimate and socially driven documentary series Britain My New Home with the channel’s uplifting and entertaining cookery programmes, this innovative new cookery and documentary format will have a contemporary twist... With unique access to some of the best new cooking talent coming to our shores, we will see three talented migrant cooks – recently moved to the UK, telling their stories through the food they grew up with, and sharing their culinary knowhow with their new British neighbours as they engage their neighbours in cooking a pop up dinner for the local community.
  Nan’s Army

In this long running returnable format, two teams of nans and school leavers are pitted against each other to win work contracts. If the old and young generations collaborate - both come out on top - if they argue, both go home empty handed.

One Day in 1984

This insightful and unique approach to Orwell’s work will take the form of a one-hour long documentary, celebrating the 70th anniversary of the publication of Orwell’s classic work ‘1984’, which uses re-enactment to experience one day in ‘1984’, but with a modern twist.
In a world of Fake News, state surveillance, alternative facts and Echo Chambers, Armando will show that Orwell’s vision was deeply prescient. Cleverly filmed at the real-life locations that inspired Orwell, and packed with intelligent and erudite contributors; this documentary will stay with our audience long after they see this film.

Sisters on the Edge

In this character-led film, we embed ourselves on the frontline of feminism with four of the most pioneering, provocative and controversial radical feminist groups. With insider access to each group, we’ll go behind closed doors and follow the planning, execution and impact of their next projects. Some of these women are threatened with prison, violence and even death. Some are even turning their back on men entirely. How far will they go for their feminist cause?

What Larks has just produced the second series of Damned by Jo Brand, Morwenna Banks & Will Smith for Channel 4 and Lionsgate - this time, grittier, darker and funnier than before – due to tx in Feb 2018.

Our pilot for The Reluctant Landlord by Romesh Ranganathan for Sky has been successful and we are now in production for a major Sky 1 series written by Romesh Ranganathan, Will Smith (Veep, Damed), Steve Stamp (People Just Do Nothing) starring Romesh, Sian Gibson, Seann Walsh & Marek Larwood.

We are also in commissioned development over a wide range of comedy projects for different broadcasters and online platforms, which tackle ground-breaking, topical subject matters. A current roster of our writers includes Morwenna Banks, Jo Brand, Will Smith, Romesh Ranganathan, Natasia Demetriou, Tom Stourton, Himesh Patel, Ian Martin, Joz Norris, Dan Zeff, Geoff Deane, David Quantick, Richard Butchins, James Hamilton, Anneka Harry, Luke Courtier, Joel Denton, Carl Rice, Kiri Pritchard McClean, Emma Kennedy, Himesh Patel, Paul Kerensa, Jen Brister.

  Alongside working with established talent in the comedy world, What Larks has built relationships with pioneering charities and organisations in order to reflect the real world, such as St. Giles Trust and Access All Areas, to promote inclusivity and diversity within our projects. Our goal is to raise awareness as well as create fun, exciting premises that engage an audience. As well as our impressive calibre of renowned writers and comedians, we pride ourselves in working with new, unestablished writers at the beginning of their careers, to create platforms and relationships for them to showcase their work.

We have projects in development with Channel 4, Sky, BBC Three, All 4, and E4, BBC, Sky. We are represented by CAA in the States to take our projects across the pond and expand our output to a more global audience – pitching to networks and OTT platforms such as Adult Swim, Netflix, Bell Media, CBC and IFC.