In Development
YSL: The Man Who Dressed a Generation

With exclusive access to the YSL Foundation, this beautiful arts film will look at one of the most influential figures in fashion who dressed a generation, was a phenomenal artist both painting in paint and plants, but also challenged the social mores of his time and won - Yves Saint Laurent. A retrospective look at his life blended with the contemporary narrative of the foundation who are about to open new museums in Paris and Marrakesh.

Martin Creed a public engagement arts piece

An observational arts film which follows Turner Prize winner, Martin Creed as he puts together one of the most ambitious and unusual arts pieces of his career.

Frida Kahlo

A biographical film about Mexican painter Frida Kahlo – exploring how an almost fatal accident, a troubled relationship with Mexican painter Diego Rivera and a torrid affair with non other than Leon Trotsky influenced one of the world’s most significant painters of the 20th Century.
  The Great Art Fightback

In this documentary Linder Sterling will tell the story of the explosive period of creativity in the 70s when women rejected the male traditions of painting and sculpture to stake their claim on radical new art forms, breaking new ground with punk, performance art, photography and film.

Don’t Mention the Troubles!

In this provocative and deeply personal film, James Nesbitt will travel to Northern Ireland, 50 years after The Troubles began, in a bid to break the silence on the national trauma he believes still engulfs the country.

I’ve Been to The Mountaintop – The Last Days of Martin Luther King

April 4, 1968, will forever go down as one of the darkest days in American history, when the Civil Rights icon Martin Luther King was assassinated on a balcony in Memphis. 50 years on, with a deeply prophetic tone, this poetic film, set to the words of his speech, will examine in forensic detail the tumultuous events surrounding the murder, which led to the worst case of national unrest since the American Civil War.

  Alison Balsom on Dizzy Gillespie

Renowned British trumpeter Alison Balsom will explore the incredible music and larger-than-life character of Dizzy Gillespie, one of the greatest musicians of all time and the man who inspired her to take up the trumpet.

Beverley Knight on Aretha Franklin

Seeking to gain a deeper understanding of her musical hero, this film will see Beverley Knight, widely considered one of the greatest soul singers of her generation, explore the life of Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul.


What Larks! Is currently in production on the second series of Damned for Channel 4 - this time, grittier, darker and funnier than before. We are also in development over a wide range of comedy projects, which tackle ground-breaking, topical subject matters. A current roster of our writers includes Morwenna Banks, Jo Brand, Will Smith, Romesh Ranganathan, Natasia Demetriou, Tom Stourton, Himesh Patel, Ian Martin, Joz Norris, Dan Zeff, Geoff Deane, David Quantick, Richard Butchins, James Hamilton, Anneka Harry and Luke Courtier.

Alongside working with established talent in the comedy world, What Larks! has built relationships with pioneering charities and organisations, such as St. Giles Trust and Access All Areas, to promote inclusivity and diversity within our projects. Our goal is to raise awareness as well as create fun, exciting premises that engage an audience. As well as our impressive calibre of renowned writers and comedians, we pride ourselves on working with new, unestablished writers at the beginning of their careers, to create platforms and relationships for them to showcase their work.



Our projects are in development with Channel 4, Sky, BBC Three, All 4, and E4. We are currently organising US representation to take our projects across the pond and expand our output to a more global audience – pitching to networks and OTT platforms such as Adult Swim, Netflix, Bell Media, CBC and IFC.

We have an exciting new series commission with Sky 1. Details to be revealed in due course - watch this space!