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What Larks Digital works with a number of partners to create imaginative and innovative online and interactive features to run alongside its television output or from which television output can be inspired. What Larks Digital embraces the role of multiplatform – web, apps, red button, mobile platforms, gaming, smartmaps and social media. We produce sites and apps that can create a new and positive awareness of a subject, project or campaign and are there to inspire learning and entertainment. Contact us for more information.
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Telephone: 0203 327 2880
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Extreme Coma: Waking up Racist
Extreme Coma:
Waking up Racist

For All 4
Released: 2016
The web-series Crackpot Britain, brainchild of Birmingham born-and-bred producer extraordinaire (or at least that's how she views herself) Debbie Thomas, examines our most current, provocative and 'bonkers' - to coin a commissioner's phrase - real life stories across Britain...

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The Breast is History
The Breast is History
Short for BBC Ideas
Mixing animation with archive, this short explores the history of the breast and questions whether the sexual fetishization of the breast is a modern construct.
How To… Housemates
For BBC Three online
This short film offers a humorous insight into the complex world of housemating.