What Larks Content
What Larks Content provides broadcast-quality online film content to publishers, arts institutions and charities. As experienced film makers and in recognition of the power of the internet and apps in allowing publishers, art institutions and charities to reach wider audiences, What Larks Content can offer rich visual support at the same time as offering the editorial rigour associated with experienced documentary film-makers.   What Larks Content
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Oxford House
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Telephone: 0203 327 2880
Email: info@whatlarks.tv
With a passion for words, What Larks Content provides support to publishers who wish to complement their book publications with short films which will engage and excite potential readers, bringing both the books and their authors to life, with interviews and documentary-style passages.
  Museums, Galleries and Performing Arts
With a strong interest in the arts from fine art to performance to music, What Larks Content also works with art institutions, providing films of their work and short documentaries to support their output allowing art institutions to become their own de facto broadcasters.  
With an appetite for social campaigns, What Larks Content also makes films for charities. We can bring campaigns to life online by means of dramatic, hard-hitting film excerpts which will keep viewers watching and engage them with the topic.