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Virago: Changing the World One Page at a Time
Virago: Changing the World One Page at a Time

1 x 60 min for BBC Four
Broadcast: October, 2016

This is the account of a determined group of women from 1973 to today: writers and readers who changed how we see the world.

Despite the 1960s free-love and alternative culture many women found that their lives and expectations had barely altered. But by the 1970s, the Women’s Liberation Movement was causing seismic shifts in the march of the world’s events and women’s creativity and political consciousness was soon to transform everything - including the face of publishing and literature.

In 1973 a group of women got together and formed Virago Press; an imprint, they said, for 52 per cent of the population. These women were determined to make change - and they would start by giving women a voice, by giving them back their history and reclaiming women’s literature.

Patronized and welcomed, criticized and praised, these women published books that showed the world how they saw it. They took out loans and invested their own money into the company, trusting and believing they could change lives through books… novels, nonfiction and polemics.

This is a story that continues today, over 40 years later, as a new generation of young feminists find their voice.

Cast & Crew:
Directed and filmed by
Claire Whalley
Lisa Martinson
Emily West
Production Manager
Catherine Hill
Production Coordinator
Louise-Afzal Faerkel
Senior Researcher
Francesca Ali Mirza


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  “Virago is more than a stunning, thoughtful documentary on the revolutionary publishers and the incredible headway they made with getting the female voice hear in the 70’s. It’s a memory jolt to collectivism, to what can be achieved when you see a wrong and try to right it”

“A hugely enjoyable film”
Daily Mail

“A fine documentary”

“An eye-opening film”
Daily Telegraph

“Virago Women is a fascinating story of a piece of publishing history I had no idea I ought to have known about”
Otago Times New Zealand