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The Great Art Fightback
The Great Art Fightback

For BBC Four
Broadcast: June, 2018

The Great Art Fightback explores the developments of the Art World in the 1970s, with second wave feminism allowing women to find their voice through their art.

In New York, Cindy Sherman was making sel
fies an artform before the word even existed. In Paris, Orlan was using her body as a canvas, years before the Free the Nipple campaign. And in London, Margaret Harrison was provoking conservative society with gender-bending portraits, getting her exhibition shut down by police.

Across the globe, women were tearing up art history, reinventing the arena of art with experimental new artforms and provocative political statements. Questioning everything, from the way women were presented in magazines to the right to equal pay, female artists aimed to radically change the way women were perceived.


“The show left me inspired to find out more about this long list of women who have changed the art scene. This feminist revolution will be televised and it’s a riveting watch.”
Susanna Butter, Evening Standard

“It offers an education in the explosion of feminist art of the 1970s, at a time when female artists produced boundary-busting work that feels radical, and certainly revolutionary.”
Rebecca Nicholson, The Guardian