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The Genius of Josiah Wedgwood
The Genius of Josiah Wedgwood

1 x 58 min for BBC Two
Broadcast: April 19th, 2013

The Grierson Award nominated film follows Josiah Wedgwood, one of the founding fathers of the Industrial Revolution and the man who revolutionized English pottery. AN Wilson's father was Director of the Wedgwood factory and himself a potter and so Andrew grew up in the 'Potteries'. He sets out to tell the story of the man and what he achieved arguing he was surprisingly modern for his time. Set within the social context of its day, AN Wilson will explores Wedgwood's relationship with the Lunar Men. He argues that Wedgwood was a man with a hand in every part of the revolutionary pie: transport policy, engineering, politics, marketing, education, industrial relations, trade, human rights - and philosophy. And that Wedgwood was our greatest inventor.

Video Clips
A. N. Wilson - The Potter   Woerlitz Palace
A. N. Wilson - The Potter - Click to play   Woerlitz Palace - Click to play
A. N. Wilson explains how the pottery industry developed, how it impacted on his father, Norman Wilson and led to his warning his sons off following in their ancestors footsteps.   A. N. Wilson shows us round Woerlitz Palace. He explains that this building gives us the perfect sense of why people went mad for Wedgwood.

Produced and Directed by:
Ian Denyer
Assistant Producer:
Susie Attwood
Executive Producer:
Claire Whalley
Andy Muggleton, Colin Fox, Lee Pulbrook
Chris Syner, Phil Bax, Dave Calvert, Simon Pinkerton, Chris Wright
Hannah Briere-Edney
Head of Production:
Nic Preston
Production Coordinator:
Hannah Melia

The Grierson Award nominated film

“You may be surprised to see that this hagiography on the great Georgian potter is presented by novelist-historian AN Wilson, but in fact he’s the perfect presenter. Wilson grew up in Stoke; his father was production director at Wedgwood in the 1950s, a potter like all the family for ten generations.

Steeped in the myth as he is, you can forgive Wilson Jr for worshipping at Josiah Wedgwood’s non-clay feet. His account of how a young artist-industrialist applied science to the craft of pottery and created “a Georgian superbrand” is fascinating. We see drawers full of ceramic fragments – some of the thousands of glaze tests Josiah ran in his search for the perfect finish. We hear of the passion for social justice that drove him to campaign against slavery. And we see plenty of superb pots and vases. ”
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