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The Last Battle
The Last Battle

1 x 47 min for Al Jazeera
Broadcast: May 19th, 2013

On April 4th 2011 four elderly Kenyan freedom fighters had their case for torture heard at the Royal Courts of Justice. The four elderly claimants were representing many thousands of Kenyan’s who were held in British run detention camps, who they claim, just 50 years ago, suffered appalling abuses. This documentary, driven by personal testimony, gives a voice to a group of people silenced for decades. This is their last chance for recognition of their torture. Through a combination of intimate interviews, observational footage, extraordinary film archive and photographs, exploration through diaries and military archive, The Last Battle joins the Mau Mau men and women as they embark on their last fight for justice.

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The Last Battle:
The story of the Mau Mau's fight for justice
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Directed and Produced by:
Jemma Gander
Executive Producer:
Claire Whalley
Miriam Rowe
Production Manager:
Hannah Melia

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