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Peas in a Pod
Peas in a Pod

1 x 30 min for NHK Cosmedia
Broadcast: September, 2011

The World Pea Shooting Championships have been held in the village of Witcham, just outside Ely, for 39 years. Now hotshots arrive from all over the world in pursuit of the trophy. Contestants have to hit a calibrated target, fashioned from putty, from a distance of 12 meters. It sounds simple, but in shooter circles much debate surrounds arcane issues such as "wind expenditure" (how hard you blow), "moisture criteria" (the optimum amount of saliva on the pea) and "muzzle velocity" (the speed at which the pea comes out the barrel).Only one person can be crowned World Pea Shooting Champion, and lift the coveted trophy at the end. Through a series of personal insights, our characters will show how a seemingly trivial championship can take over people's lives.

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Ellen Hobson
Executive Producer:
Daniel Gonzalez
Miriam Rowe
Sarah Ruddell