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The Luckiest Man in World War 2: Revealed
Alistair Urquhart

1 x 45 min for Channel 5
Broadcast: September 6th, 2011

During the Second World War Alistair Urquhart was captured by the Japanese, tortured, starved and sent to work on the Death Railway in Thailand. After years in the camp he was loaded onto an airless cargo ship which was torpedoed by an American submarine. Alistair was one of the sole survivors - and drifted alone for days in the South China Sea before being picked up by a ship – a Japanese Whaling vessel. Half dead he was sent to a Japanese prisoner of war camp again. Continuing his thread of bad luck, the camp was in Nagasaki where Alistair bore witness to the devastation of the world’s second atom bomb. This one hour film is the heart-wrenching, personal testimonial of 91 year old Alistair Urquhart set against the backdrop of the little known war in the Far East.

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Produced and Directed by:
Claire Whalley
Assistant Producer:
Charlie Sever
Martin Cooper


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  “In this frank and emotional film Alistair tells of the extraordinary determination and stamina it took for him to stay alive, and the incredible fortune that saw him survive”
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