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For Crying Out Loud
For Crying Out Loud

1 x 60 min for BBC Four
Broadcast: February 14th, 2011

Jo Brand is fed up with everyone crying in public - from the outburst of tears at Princess Diana's funeral, to the hysterical crying on TV. Jo admits she is not much of a crier herself and certainly not in public and that's why this is all an anathema to her. She decides it is time to find out why we cry, whether we've always cried in this way and do men cry differently to women. At the point she discovers talking to an American Biochemist that crying is not only good for you, but not crying, is positively detrimental to your health, she sets out to see if she can shed a tear or two. She takes classes with the melodramatic drama students, visits an eccentric Loss Club where crying happens on a weekly basis, but the tears just aren't flowing. Will a visit to Britain's leading psychoanalyst Susie Orbach perhaps shift the crying blockage? The documentary is intercut with black and white footage of crying scenes.

Video Clips
Jo and Susie Discuss Crying   Jo Visits Moorfields   The Crying Club
Jo Brand discusses the psychology behind crying with Susie Orbach.   Jo Brand has her tear ducts examined by an eye specalist Jimmy Uddin - Eye Consultant at Moorfields Eye Hospital.   Jo Brand investigates a Crying Club where people meet up regularly to have a good cry.

Jo talks to Richard E. Grant about the catharsis of tears in the cinema.   Members Crying Club regularly come together to have a good cry.   Jo finds out how crying was not encouraged as a child from her mother Joyce.   Jo discovers talking to Crystal Palace fans, that there is one thing guaranteed to make men cry - the football!

Presented by:
Jo Brand
Produced and Directed by:
Claire Whalley
Executive Producer for BBC:
Mirella Breda
Assistant Producer:
Charlie Sever
Andy Muggleton
Ian McPherson
Martin Cooper
Production Manager:
Laura Matthews
Production Assistant:
Daniel Gonzalez
Post Production:
Splice TV Ltd


William Frey Biochemist, University of Minnesota
Father Ray St George Church
Virginia Eatough Psychologist, Birkbeck College
jeremy stockwell Drama Coach
Susie Orbach Psychoanalyst
Jimmy Uddin Consultant, Moorfields Eye Hospital
Victor Wynd The Last Tuesday Society (Loss Club)
Thomas Dixon Historian, Queen Mary College
Richard E Grant

Phil Jupitus

Shappi Khorsandi

Joyce Brand

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“For Crying Out Loud is the
perfect BBC Four antidote to an evening of hearts, flowers and overwrought emotion”

Suzanne Gilfillan, Executive Editor, BBC Entertainment Commissioning, BBC

“A witty programme that brings out the very best in one of Britain's national treasures, Jo Brand. What Lark's production of the show highlights all that is good in the indepedent sector - a smart idea well executed”
Richard Klein, Controller of BBC4

“Brand is a likeable and
articulate host and it's an
unusual, fascinating documentary”

The Guardian

“The result is an entertaining investigation into crying that reveals more about Brand than we've seen before... it really delivers. Funny and insightful...”
Radio Times