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First Cut: Father Ray Comes Out
First Cut: Father Ray Comes Out

1 x 24 min for Channel 4
Broadcast: February 11th, 2011

Father Ray, a parish vicar in South London, is approaching 60 but he's decided he doesn't want to die living a lie. He is gay and for him, it is time to be honest with himself, and to tell his congregation. This short film, set to Father Ray's voice and interwoven with his biography, follows Father Ray in the lead up to the most climatic sermon of his life - that attacks bullying, homophobia and where in no uncertain terms he declares he is a homosexual. The film observes the reactions that follow and the thoughts of Father Ray who realizes there is now 'no turning back'.

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Produced, Directed and Filmed by:
Anna Llewellyn
Executive Producer
Claire Whalley
Andy Muggleton
Charlie Sever
Emily West
Head of Production:
Fiona O'Doherty
Production Coordinator:
Robert Hanger




“One of the strongest episodes to date of this strand”
The Times

“Do ask, do tell”
The Times

“This warm film... is the most accomplished of the First Cut
series so far”

The Times

“What the film does well is to take an issue that is usually considered in the abstract and bring it down to earth...”
The Daily Telegraph

“It's a lot less jolly, than the sitcom Rev, offering a portrait of intense loneliness...”
The Daily Telegraph

“Ray's self-outing is
intensely poignant”

Radio Times

“Hearing him talk about his sexuality is deeply moving”
Radio Times

“Ray's a true hero and a tribute
to his calling”
Radio Times

“A poignant and engaging film...”
The Daily Mail

“Father Ray Comes Out was a gentle - personal yet unobtrusive... lovely little film...”
Lucy Mangan, The Guardian