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Damned (Series 2)
Damned (Series 2)

6 x 24 min for Channel 4
Broadcast: February 2018

Damned, the sharp black comedy based around the lives of two jaded social workers, returns for a second six-part series.

Produced by What Larks for Channel 4 and Lionsgate International, Damned is a sharply written, warmly comical and frequently poignant observation on what it means to try your best amidst the most frustrating of circumstances.

Created by Jo Brand (Getting On) and Morwenna Banks (Miss You Already) and written by Jo Brand, Morwenna Banks and Will Smith (Veep, The Thick of It) the second series returns to Elm Heath Social Services where much has changed… but quite a lot hasn’t.


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  “Jo Brand has a knack of turning scenarios that are at best mundane and at worst horribly bleak into comedy. In tandem with Morwenna Banks, she’s done it again with social services comedy Damned. The premise of this series two opener – a sex worker risks losing her children – doesn’t read like a gagfest. And yet, against all odds, it’s very funny”
The Guardian

“It works as a farcical portrait of office life, W1A style, as they contend with labyrinthine bureaucracy and incompetent co-workers, but it’s also fearless in tackling contentious issues”
The Times

“COMEDY OF THE WEEK. A welcome return to Elm Heath’s Children’s Services, where sharply observed office banter and grim frontline social care make for more brilliantly nuanced and thought-provoking comedy”
Radio Times

“The terrific ensemble cast – among them Brand, Alan Davies, Kevin Eldon, Georgie Glen, Himesh Patel and Isy Suttie – Have got the portrayal of a dysfunctional office environment down to a tee.”
The Sunday Telegraph

“A funny TV show about social workers – particularly one that deals with the grim reality of children in poverty – is not the easiest of subjects”
The Sun

“The series boldly shows us the unvarnished truth of these underfunded and overworked professionals in a thoroughly authentic way, while also being very funny and entertaining”