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Damned (Series 2)
Damned (Series 2)

6 x 24 min for Channel 4
Broadcast: TBC

Written by Jo Brand, Morwenna Banks and Will Smith, the second series returns to Elm Heath Social Services where much has changed... but quite a lot hasn’t. In a post-Brexit world, defined by a new government and legislation that no one can really fathom, Rose (Jo Brand) remains as irritable, chaotic and resentful as ever as she tries to juggle home, work, family and her far-too-present ex-husband. Meanwhile Al (Alan Davies), apathetically trying to surf a mid-life crisis, considers pastures new to inject some much needed excitement, and a new challenge, into his life. And that's just the staff, before they've even begun to tackle the complex and brutal problems out there in the community. The threat of violence is never far away as the Elm Heath team once again face up to a series of problems that our increasingly complex society just expects them to sort out without any fuss or acknowledgement


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