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Damned (Series 1)
Damned (Series 1)

6 x 24 min for Channel 4
Broadcast: September, 2016

Written by Jo Brand, Morwenna Banks and Will Smith, Damned is an eye-opening comedy set in a fictional children’s social services department. Based in authenticity, it follows the personal and professional lives of Rose (Jo Brand) and Al (Alan Davies) and their colleagues: each week takes us to a new case and a domestic situation in the office. The tone is at times dark, always gritty and brave. This is realism comedy.


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  “The subject matter allows the scattering of some very real-world grit in among the frequent laughs”
The Guardian

“A series that cannot be recommended too highly”
Saturday Times

“From the moment it was first broadcast, Damned became one of the comic highlights of the week, thanks to its farcical portrait of office life, the verite style and a random assortment of compassionate, inept or malign oddballs struggling to protect children at risk”
The Times

“Someone please give Jo Brand an award for illuminating the parts other TV refuses to touch”
The Observer

“Another series please!”
Daily Mail