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1 x 23 min for Sky Arts
Broadcast: Sept 24th, 2015

Ian Hedge is an ordinary man with a not-so-ordinary mission: to protect the distressed and vulnerable, whoever they are, wherever they are and whatever predicament they are in.

Renting a small room in the dilapidated house of his formidable landlady Mrs. Wardle, Ian works ‘undercover’ as a council worker, patrolling the streets of the city with his trusty trundle wheel. Whenever he sees trouble, he bravely leaps into action and tries his very best to save the day.

Of course, the life of a Superhero doesn't always run completely smoothly...

Kevin Eldon:
Kevin Eldon has been a reliable presence in both leading and supporting roles in many successful comedies over the last three decades. He started his career as a character based stand-up comic, before subsequently collaborating with many of the top names in British comedy and TV. He has appeared in almost every notable British comedy series, including Brass Eye, Smack the Pony, Black Books, Green Wing, Jam and I’m Alan Partridge. His own show It’s Kevin which broadcast in 2013 to great acclaim.

Brilliantman! brilliantly showcases Eldon’s talent for creating unorthodox and endearing characters, and focusses heavily on the physical aspect of his comedy.

John Henderson
Kevin Eldon
Claire Whalley
Executive Producer:
Ben Boyer
Jim Hampton